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Venice & Bergamo

sunny 50 °C

I just found time and internet access to keep my blog updated. Well, after Milan I went to Venice. I spent two days in this lovely city, also I went to Murano, an Island near Venice famous for its glassworks.
Now, I'm in Bergamo a city near lake Como about 45' from Milan.
Next stop will be Bologna.

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Day 4


sunny 50 °C

After a good rest, I headed to Milan. The connection between Malpensa and the Centrale Station was smooth, got out of the airport straight to the shuttle bus.no hassle
As soon as I left my backpack at the hostel, I headed to the Duomo, right in the center (Centro)of Milan about 25' walk from where Iàm staying. The Duomo is an impresive gothic church flanked not far away by the theater La Scala and the Castello Sforzesco. Also, right across the castle is the Leonardo Da Vinci's museum where some drawings and inventions are shown.
I'll be here 'till Thursday only, then you'll hear back from me from Venice, which I'll spend two nights there.

PS.-sorry no more pictures, now I don't have the luxury of using WiFi where I could upload pics, here in Italy Internet-Cafes don't allow any kind of file transfering to their computer. When I get to Rome probably I'll post some files, since they have free WiFi in certain locations.

Ciao (my Italian is improving)

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Day 3

49 °C

Today, I woke up late since I had a couple places to vist only. visited the Pergamon Museum and the Vitra design Museum. Then I got back to get ready for my flight to Milan, ready meaning kicking back.
That was it Berlin, it took me a couple days to know you a bit.

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Day 2


rain 50 °C

Today, surprisingly I woke up in Berlin ready to hit the streets, but not after a good breakfast in the hostel and after plotting the places to visit on the map for today.
The plan was to pay a visit to the following:
• Charlie Checkpoint
• The parliament dome (Reichstag)
• Bauhaus Archives
• The Sony Center
• Music Instrument Museum
Charlie checkpoint thankfully is about a mile away from the hostel. The check point was just an entrance where you could get access to either West and East side of Berlin during the cold war. Right across the check point is the Berlin wall museum, where a bunch of artifacts from the era are found, including home made vehicles that helped escape some easterners from the GDR guards during the cold war.

A block away a good portion of the Berlin wall is still intact along with an onsite museum, still is there to show the world what not repeat.

The parliament dome is steel-glass structure located right above the parliament. The contrast between the old parliament the modern structure serves a futurist view from what Berliners and the country head to. Is an impressive work of arquitecture, once I got inside was like going to the core of a nuclear plant, very impressive. Also, the view from the top is nice.
b1 090.jpg

The Bauhaus museum is predominately a design an arquitecture museum where there are works from when the school of design was still open during the early 1900’s. It shows work from Walter Gropius (the founder) chairs from Marcel Breur, Kandisky among other professors and students.

Then on my way back home I stopped at the Sony center. The Sony center is Sony’s European headquarters. Also, there are restaurants and an IMAX movie theater.
b1 119.jpg
The buildings that surround the Sony center is covered by a huge sort of steel and glass “parachute” (that’s the way to describe it) the pretty much covers the whole plaza and provides a high tech image.
Later I quickly stopped a the instrument museum I just took a quick look, since music isn’t my favorite subject.

Well, tomorrow my plan is to vi the sit Pergamon museum and the Vitra design museum.
See ya next time.

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Day 1

Just Arrived

49 °C

I finally arrived in Berlin from JFK. Once at the airport I tried to find my way to the hostel, let me tell you that the Berlin airport is everything but tourist friendly, besides almost all the signs are in German, even the tourist info booth are hard to get info from. I finally found my way to the hostel by asking a ton of people and reading all the maps available, this the place so far I’ve seen, where’s little help to the tourist and some antipathy, too. However, there were a few estrangers that helped me find my way. So after three hours at the airport I arrived at the hostel, dropped off my stuff , headed to visit Berlin, and visited a few sites, such as the Brandenburger Tor, the German parliament (Reichstag) . Yes, I was tired, I had to rest some. Tomorrow, I’ll start off with the museums.b1 116.jpg

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